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A cradle gives your cat a comfy place to relax


Flat platforms in the cat tree

Flat platforms in the cat tree

Sisal rope on one of the branches for scratching

Sisal rope on one of the branches for scratching

How DO we make these rustic cat trees and other kinds of cat furniture?

First, each of these cat trees are by nature unique, because nature doesn’t make the same branch twice! We smooth off the loose and very rough bark, but leave most of it on. The branches can be natural, or coated with a polyurethane.

Next, we start assembling these branches onto a heavy, sturdy base so that the tree won’t fall over when your cat(s) start playing on it. And that’s our number one concern – to create a safe space for your cat to play their heart out! Often, we wrap a portion of the branch with sisal rope to create a different scratching sensation area.

The bases and platforms are all made of heavy plywood. We like to create a variety of shapes and surfaces for your cat’s tree – curved and flat platforms, domes, and tunnels which we cover with dense plush carpet. All uniquely combined for your cat’s enjoyment.

Discover More Unique Trees We Have Created
For Our Satisfied Customers (and their cats)!

Happy Cats in Their Trees
Cats enjoying their rustic cat trees.

Rustic Cat Trees
Special trees that we have created over the years. For viewing only as they have already been sold to satisfied customers.


Because they make playtime more fun for cats, we often have “extras” on our rustic cat trees. You can also ask for them when we create a custom cat tree for you. Knotted sisal ropes to bat at, tunnels and domes to climb in and through, sisal wrapped branches for scratching, stairs and ramps to help kittens or older cats climb.

All Sizes for All Cats’ Bodies

All cats are wonderful, but they are not all built alike. Larger cats need longer poles to stretch on and sturdier cat trees to accommodate their large bodies. Kittens need smaller cat trees that will also withstand their rough play. All of our trees are created with all stages of your cat’s lives in mind. Of course, there are cats with mobility issues that need the help of steps and ramps which we can incorporate in to a custom tree or build separately.

Take a look through our Gallery (link) and through our Current Inventory  and see what furniture we can offer your cat. Or email us a request to discuss a custom project and we’ll get started on YOUR cat’s special rustic cat tree.

'Stairs with branches for rails

Cat stairs with branches for rails