Additional Rustic Wood Trees

Now, we build all of our trees to both look good and to last your cat for years to come. But when someone has been creating rustic cat trees for as long as we have, there’s bound to be some that just stick in your mind. It may have been that it was made with some special shaped or otherwise unique wood, had an exceptionally beautiful rug, or its design was just striking.  We like to remember these special creations, and hope that you enjoy looking at them too!

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Favorite Trees

We are proud of all of our trees...but some we are super-proud of!

Specialty Trees

Special needs call for special trees - and we make those too!

In the Home

You know that your cat will love our trees. But do you wonder how they look in the home? Although we say "rustic," our trees actually fit into a wide variety of decors because of the selection of rugs that are available to us, and the limbs that nature provides us.

Shows and Workshop

A glimpse behind the scenes at Furwood Forest, and our travels to cat shows!