5-Level Rustic Cat Tree (1908-5L4)

5-Level Rustic Cat Tree (1908-5L4)
Price: $1420  SOLD
Style Number: 1908–5L4

Color: grey and white
Measurements: 29x31x74
Weight: 95lbs

Features: Another first for Furwood Forest! We’re always thinking of new ways to create a cat tree, and this one was just waiting for the right rug and branches to do it. It’s our first rustic cat tree with a cave!

Yep, that’s a little two level cave tucked into the base of the tree, providing a perfect place for your cat to hang out. Look closely and you’ll see a small shelf inside the cave, and a upper side opening for her to get out onto the rest of the tree.

Next, those beautiful debarked branches just curve through each other, making the tree both strong and visually beautiful. When your cat has had enough ‘retreat time,’ she’ll be off to the highest of the two cradles, maybe pausing to take a scratch on that sisal rope along the way.

We’re really pleased with this tree, and hope that you like it as much as we do!