4-Level Rustic Cat Tree (1902-4L4)

4-Level Rustic Cat Tree (1902-4L4)
Price: $779  SOLD
Style Number: 1902-4L4

Color: greys, black
Measurements: 29x30x73
Weight: 95lbs

Features: As proud as we are of all of our rustic cat trees, we can honestly say that this tree is the most beautiful one that we have ever made. And part of it is that the rug we used was the most beautiful one we’ve ever had! Dense, plush nap, just a pleasure to run your fingers in.

Next: the branches. They are debarked mimosa branches, and its wood is very light and smooth.  They also have these interesting forks, and hold up two lower platforms and two upper cradles. The dome in the center has a cut out for your cat to exit to the tree. Long sisal scratching area near the top.



Entire rug, before it was cut for the tree.
Isn’t that a beautiful pattern?